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Application Management

Graphic with business related wordsAt TFC, we’re skilled at examining existing business processes and systems and rapidly developing advanced enterprise applications to improve business efficiencies, enhance inter-departmental and inter-agency cooperation and deliver superior customer service.

Today’s enterprise applications must integrate business processes and data models that cross system and organizational boundaries, accommodate the increasingly mobile and socially networked workforce and embrace dynamic requirements. Today’s solutions require a flexible service-oriented architecture that accommodates a continually changing technology infrastructure and process management tools that must adapt as organizational needs change. As more data and applications are exposed to an ever broader user population, agencies must skillfully apply new rigor to usability while simultaneously improving security.

TFC brings a unique ability to effectively design and develop these sophisticated process-centric, net-centric solutions that are at the heart of future government and commercial services. You can count on TFC for the full lifecycle expertise necessary to deliver the highest quality results.

Old typewriter with cd and mouseWhile companies are under pressure to increase competitiveness and governments to improve service delivery through newer technologies, most are not in a position to abandon their existing legacy applications. Legacy applications are essential to their operations and represent millions of dollars in investment. At the same time, however, legacy applications are costly to maintain and often lack the flexibility to meet changing market demands.

TFC understands the need for organizations to make the most of their legacy systems while taking advantage of newer technologies. Through legacy application modernization services, we work with clients to transform, rather than replace, their existing applications to reduce their cost of ownership and fulfill their strategic objectives.

Data moving globallyChanging business conditions and needs require constant vigilance in adapting your information systems to keep pace. Migrating applications to newer technologies can give your business a leading edge while preserving your original business objectives, model and investment. Your applications get a new lease on life at a cost much lower than re-engineering. The challenge is to find a partner with the know-how and skills to develop an effective application migration strategy and execute it flawlessly.

TFC has worked with clients to manage large-scale and project-specific migration initiatives to enhance their competitive position. We understand old and new technologies and the industry and business-specific drivers our clients face. Our application migration services experts work closely with clients to recommend the optimal technologies that will drive their business success and provide a clear roadmap for seamless migration.